About Us

Heal The Body By Loving It

I Work For You to Help Create Healthy Habits That Stick For Life

Whether you’re someone who has gained weight during 2020, or if you’re a notorious yo-yo dieter we’re here to help you re-frame your habits and life beliefs to encorage a healthier life style through healthy weight reduction.


Weight Loss

We have a weight loss program that can help you learn to get in touch with your body and stop dieting!


Mental Health

. We believe the key to weight loss and weight maintenance is in the brain. Learn to love yourself, and  practice mindfulness in your eating!


Weight Maintenance

Need help maintaining your weight? We can help without the yo-yo of dieting. 


Lifestyle Creation

Mind, body and soul.  Three elements that shouldn’t be separated. We help you create a lifestyle that represents who you are. 

My Story

Meet Millie, Professional Food Lover

This is the story of you.

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