Okay, maybe they wouldn’t call themselves foodies, but these 5 Instagram accounts are our favorite intuitive food-oriented Instagram accounts on the internet. 

We always recommend that when you’re trying something new you find others to inspire you and mentor you.  

These five accounts definitely fit the bill for both inspiration and mentorship!

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

1. @thefuckitdiet

Right now, ‘The Fuck It Diet’ book is a star in the intuitive eating space. Follow their Instagram, but also, check out our full review.



Michelle is all about body positivity regardless of your size.  If you’re someone who hates your size.  Give her a follow and start learning a new way of thinking.

3. @thefoodfreedomlife

We love a girl who tells it how it is. Brittany is a health coach who focuses on Intuitive eating.  A lot of her Insta posts are marketing pitches desinged to make you sign up for coaching, but she also posts some really cool information and motiviation. Just for those posts she’s worth the follow. And we can’t be too mad at her for marketing herself. Get it girl 😉



Christy  is a registered dietition focused on Intuitive eating, the diet industry and the connection to racism.

5. @ownitbabe

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A post shared by Rini Frey (@ownitbabe)

Rini is all about body positivity and motherhood. While she’s not about intuitive eating specifically, she emanates all the reasons we preach intuitive eating.

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