Lose Weight With Intuitive Eating




Imagine Saying Goodbye To Dieting Forever…


  • Losing Weight Without Counting Calories
  •  Learning To Trust Your Body’s Natural Ability To Tell You
  • When And What You Need To Eat
  • Never Having To Restrict Food Again
  • Quitting The Cycle Of Weight Gain And Loss
  • Never Having To Worry About Going Out With Your Friends Or Strategically Planning Your Meals Around Every Life Event So You Don’t Blow Your Diet

I’m Millie, and I’m here to help you redesign your life!

I’m an anti-diet advocate who spent many years studying to for my masters in nutrition only to discover Intuitive Eating.

I now spend my days educating women on the healthiest ways to lose weight, redefine their life and build something they love. I started here because of my own struggles with my body image and weight. I have and use a hybrid approach to intuitive eating that has helped many clients lose weight and keep it off. 

As someone who was a yo-yo dieter, being able to cure myself and others is a dream come true. As a recovering dieter I’ve learned that diets DON’T work.  Look at any study and you’ll see the vast majority of participants gain the weight back. Learning this I had to let go of everything convention wisdom was telling me and seek a better way.  

” I Learned That The problem Wasn’t Me, But Diet Culture’. 

 The problem is that diet culture makes us believe that we can’t trust our own bodies.

We’ve belived for so long that weight, shape, and size are the indicating factors of our health and have lost touch with what our bodies are telling us they need. 

We’ve also been conned into believeing that we need to be on top of every food choice, diligent about counting calories and knowing the nutritional value. And if you’re not, you’re making iresponsible choices. 

And worst of all, we’ve been taught to view our bodies as the enemy. 

This is what diet culture has done.

It has stolen from you a life of mental peace with yourself and your confidence in bodily authority. 

Get ready to reclaim your life. 

Get ready to learn how to trust your body and repair your connection with food.

I created this detox & intuitive eating hybrid course to help you:

Detox the chemicals and get rid of cravings that aren’t serving you.

Feel amazing and have a great launch into intuitive eating.

Ditch dieting forever and STILL lose weight

Learn to enjoy food.  Stop fighting your primal instincts and allow pleasure to be a part of eating.

Get in touch with your body by learning to recognize and trust cravings, hunger and fullness.

Never restrict your food again-unless you feel like you should (a detox or fast can be both renewing and cleansing WITHOUT pulling you into a diet mentality).

Get rid of emotional eating and learn to be in control of your eating.

Learn to trust yourself with “off-limit” foods.

Love and accept your body right now.

Learn to listen to your body’s needs and make intuitive food choices.

Workout becuase you love it, and not to control your size or looks.

…and say goodbye to a life of diets and failure once and for all

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